About Chris Van Stone

I'm a Graphic Designer born and raised in Nampa, ID. I received my B.A. in Graphic Design from Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) in 2010 and have been working at VALLI in Caldwell, ID since February 2012.

I have an extensive experience in logos & branding, illustration, UI & web design, photography, layout, packaging, icon design, typography, drone aerial videography, and video editing. I have worked with both online and print marketing, organizing design/marketing strategies and ideas.

I embrace the challenge of design because it's about finding the balance between creative experimentation, client appreciation, and simplicity. I believe great design is the craftsmanship of recognizing the important versus the clutter.

The great outdoors is something I passionately enjoy: Hiking, backpacking, and breathing in mountain air. I'm a big sports fan and enjoy playing almost any sport as long as it is competitive and takes skill and determination. I am also an alt music enthusiast and enjoy grilling, coffee, drone-flying, board-gaming, and spending time with my family.

And sometimes I like to break the rules in design.

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